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Hello, you've reached the voice mail for Colonel Treize Khushrenada of the Organization of the Zodiac. I regret to tell you that I'm not here right now, but if you leave your name and a message, I shall respond as quickly as I am able. Your patience is appreciated.

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[Open Broadcast]

Attention citizens of Somarium. I am Colonel Treize Khushrenada, leader of this world's militia.

We shall aid all those who seek shelter. If you are in an unsecured location and do not possess a method of safe transportation, respond with your present location and we will come retrieve you as soon as possible.

If you have experience in the operation of powered machinery, contact me on a secure line.

Khushrenada out.
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[Filtered to Militia Pilots]

Move to alert status. Convene at warehouse at earliest opportunity. Use of Lawbringer units authorized.
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(Filtered to all of his pilots and Washu - Cornelia, Soma, Gino)

It appears as though Suzaku Kururugi is no longer in this world.

Once again, we are rendered a pilot short. If any of you have any knowledge of potentially talented pilots in this world who share our vision of an orderly, peaceful Somarium, then please bring them to my attention at once.

Khushrenada out.
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(ooc: Filtered to Suzaku Kururugi, Cornelia li Britannia, Soma Peries, Washu Hakubi)

It has come to my attention that Captain Aker and Lieutenant Noin are no longer in Somarium. I am capable of piloting one of the Lawbringer units myself - even so, this renders us a pilot short.

Should either of you encounter someone who is potentially willing to fight for our cause and a skilled pilot, please inform me at once.

Khushrenada out.
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*Filtered to the following people, and the following people only:*

-Lucrezia Noin
-Cornelia li Britannia
-Suzaku Kururugi
-Graham Aker
-Soma Peries
(Also Washu Hakubi)

There has been a recent development that concerns us and our mutual cause to protect the people of Somarium from those who would seek to do them harm. I wish to meet with you all in person tomorrow night - I will be at a warehouse in Somni's Industrial District; I have transmitted directions to your Dreamberry alongside this message. Be there at precisely 2300 hours.

Consider this matter to be of the utmost secrecy. Tell no one.

Khushrenada out.
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The man leans back in his bath, the sweet fragrance of roses once again filling the air. This is another open-air bath, but there is no doubt that this is not back in Treize's own world, but here in Somarium. To be specific, this is Espoir, in the middle of a garden. Treize is fairly certain that no such place exists in actuality, but since when has that stopped anybody in dreams before?

Footsteps crunch on the gravel behind him. He knows those steps well, and without turning to look knows that it is a man he knows well ... a man he has been waiting for all this time.

"You're late." Treize's voice is matter-of-fact and direct, though not unfriendly.

It doesn't seem to faze the other man any, though. He regards the commander coolly. "Is this the 'other side' you mentioned, Treize? Where you'd be waiting for me?"

Treize chuckles, shaking his head - and only now does he turn to look behind him. "I'm afraid not, my friend." He smiles. "In fact, it is so very much more."

*A low, thoughtful 'hmm,' as he wakes and considers the dream ... but nothing else.*
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**This voice post is literally broadcast to everyone in Somarium. For their own safety.**

Attention, residents of Somarium, this is Colonel Treize Khushrenada speaking.

Though I stress the need for everyone to remain calm and refrain from panicking ... there has been an attack - and there are several individuals now in Somarium who are to be considered extremely, extremely dangerous.

In the interest of your own safety, I request that you remain vigilant, and - if possible - keep yourselves armed and in groups until the situation is resolved.

If you are a volunteer member of the militia, or have combat experience and would like to volunteer your services for the public good, please contact me at once for your orders. If you do not believe you have the ability to protect yourself, contact me and I will arrange proper protection until the threat has been neutralized.

Should anyone learn more about the nature of these intruders, inform me at once.
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Public: Lady Une Good, Dolls Bad )

...Lady. *His voice is a soft murmur, thoughtful but cautious - and he says nothing more.*
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(Visible to Public)

He's sitting at his desk - not the one here in his mansion in Somarium, but the large, ornate wooden desk he kept in his home back in Prague - and reading a large book.

Curiously, however, the only text in the book... is a list of names, each of them numbered. He knows he's seen all of these names at least once before, but some of them he knows more personally than the others - Noventa, Dorlian, Septem, Otto, Walker... those were people he knew, once.

He turns the final page, the last few names on the list... and the very last one:

#100010 - Treize Khushrenada.

He stares at his own name for a long while before closing the book and setting it on the desk.
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Greetings. I am Treize Khushrenada, Colonel in the Organization of the Zodiac. My fellow residents of Somarium, if you would lend me your ears for a moment:

It has become evident in the past few weeks that this world of dreams that we now all must call home, is inherently chaotic. Natural disasters, invading creatures - now a mysterious ship suddenly making its way towards the city? From speaking with others, I have learned that these were not the first incidents of this sort - nor will they be the last.

I have also learned, however, that there are many fine, honorable individuals in this world, individuals who possess many different kinds of power - and who share my conviction to protect the innocent and defend those who lack the power to defend themselves. Yet despite their presence here in Somarium, and our shared desire to be the sword and shield of the innocent... the tumult of the recent events made it difficult to mount a coordinated response.

Furthermore, though I have spoken to many who desire to uphold honor and righteousness... we all come from many different worlds and many different lives. There is a good chance that not every new arrival will feel the same - and may, in fact, seek to do others harm. Perhaps, though I am loathe to consider it, that sort of person already exists here in Somarium, though they have not yet revealed their true intentions.

Thus, I propose the formation of an organized militia - a police force, if you will - in Somarium dedicated to protecting the public good from both the capricious whims of this ever-changing world, as well as the malicious acts of any who arrive here with foul intent in their hearts. Surely, there are like-minded individuals out there? To those who believe they have the strength to defend the innocent - to those with military backgrounds, and to those who possess both ... will you join me?

It is our obligation, our duty, to make this place as peaceful as possible for not just the powerful, but for everyone.

I welcome your thoughts.
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Warning: FABULOUS (and Awesome) Within )

*Treize is quiet, musing over the dream* Lady Une... I wonder what you're doing now?
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*The man's voice is strong, confident - none of the hesitance newcomers to the world of Somarium usually have at first.*

My name is Duke Treize Khushrenada, commander of the Specials and Colonel in the Organization of the Zodiac. I seem to have arrived at this place without my knowledge. I doubt OZ has a presence here, but any troops who recieve this message are to contact me at once. Otherwise, assuming others can hear me through this device, I would appreciate some information about just where it is that I've ended up.


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